Wittenstein - TPM plus rotary servo actuator

More productive – more efficient – more precise

With the servo actuator TPM , precision planetary gearboxes and synchronous servo motors are integrated without a clutch for a unit that is flexible in its application. That wins customers over with its power, torque and torsional rigidity. In combination with short overall lengths, high power-density and smooth running: this marks a whole new level of performance – along with practical, graduated performance settings that ensure greater operating efficiency in all your production applications.

TPM dynamic

  • 5 sizes
  • Max. output speed 55 to 375 RPMs
  • Max. output torque 30 to 1300 Nm
  • Max. motor performance 0.8 to 15.2 kW
  • Installation length 113 to 332 mm

TPM high torque

  • Four sizes
  • Max. output speed 20 to 220 RPMs
  • Max. output torque 230 to 3100 Nm
  • Max. motor performance 1.7 to 55.1 kW
  • Installation length 183 to 491 mm

TPM power

  • Five sizes
  • Max. output speed 45 to 1500 RPMs
  • Max. output torque 15 to 1600 Nm
  • Max. motor performance 1.0 to 34.5 kW
  • Installation length 149 to 411 mm



  • Wide selection of racks and pinions; on request, the pinion can be welded directly to the output flange.
  • Cables for power and signaling, drag-chain-compatible, pre-assembled for selected servo controllers 
  • The simco® drive servo amplifier is available as a switch cabinet version with protection class IP20 and as a decentralized version with protection class IP65. With a voltage range from 24 to 48 V DC and a rated power of up to 2 kW, the simco® drive servo amplifier can be used for high-precision applications.

You can choose from:

  • Design "enhanced corrosion protection" 
  • Permanent magnet holding brake 
  • EnDat 2.1 or Hiperface Absolute encoder 
  • TTL incremental encoder with Hall effect signal 
  • DRIVECLiQ, EnDat 2.2, Hiperface DSL (on request) 
  • KTY and PTC temperature sensors 
  • Intermediate circuit voltage of 48, 320 or 560V DC 
  • Straight or angled integral sockets


Increased productivity
The benefits for your machinery and plants: An actuator with a low moment of inertia and an extremely rigid drive train provide for maximum precision and power. A decisive increase in productivity 

Higher efficiency
Low torsional backlash, an output bearing with a high degree of tilting rigidity and integration of the gearhead pinion in the motor shaft result in: smaller motors, reduced energy consumption and lower investment costs.

Higher precision
Low levels of operating noise due to helical teeth and outstanding control properties provide enhanced precision in your machinery and plants. The result: truly cost-effective products


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