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PM specialises in the development, design and manufacturing of precision linear bearings, frictionless linear slides and rotation bearings. 

Supplying to various industries including Semiconductor, Analytical, Medical Science, Optical and Metrology.

As distributors for PM, we are able to supply PM bearings and slides.  Contact our sales team on 01376 333333 or sales@micromech.co.uk for price and delivery or technical assistance.

PM Bearings

Linear Tables

 PM - Linear Tables - Direct Drive  PM - Linear Tables - Nano-High Precision  PM - Linear Tables - Piezo
Direct Drive Nano-High Precision Piezo    

Linear and Rotary Guides 

 PM - Linear and Rotary Guides - Linear PM - Linear and Rotary Guides - Rotary    PM - Linear and Rotary Guides - High Precision
Linear Rotary High Precision