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Akribis Systems 

Micromech is the primary technical partner and distributor of Akribis products in the UK.  We are able to assist with all aspects of product sizing and selection. 

Akribis Systems is a specialist in direct drive motor technology.  Akribis Systems design and manufacture direct drive linear, rotary, and voice coil motors, as well as stages and customised precision systems.

Akribis products provide precision motion control to a wide range of industries including automation, electronics manufacturing, packaging machines, laser processing, machine tools, medical technology and measuring machines.

Contact our sales team on 01376 333333 or sales@micromech.co.uk for price and delivery or technical assistance.

Servo Motors 

 Akribis - Servo Motors - Direct Drive  Akribis - AER-F  
Direct Drive Frameless      

Linear Motors 

Linear Motors        

Linear Stages

 Akribis - Linear Tables - Screw Driven  Akribis - Linear Tables - Direct Drive    
Screw Driven Direct Drive      

Rotary Tables

 Akribis - Rotary Tables - Rotary Tables      
Rotary Tables    

Voice Coil 

 Akribis - Voice Coil - Voice Coil Motors  Akribis - Voice Coil - Voice Coil Motor Stages    
Voice Coil Motors Voice Coil Motor Stages