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Please contact sales on 01376 333333 or sales@micromech.co.uk for delivery and availability. (Stock is subject to availability, last updated Feb 2022)

 Part Number  Manufacturer Description  Qty  Stock Code
 95-0028  TRINAMIC  Assemble  5  X16340
 95-0039  TRINAMIC  sensOstep Magnet  7  X16020
 95-0107 (was 95-0029)  TRINAMIC  Magnet Holder  7  X16019
 PD108-28-SE  TRINAMIC  Motor Drive  1  X14130
 PD-1140-CABLE  TRINAMIC  for PDx-1140-42  73  X16071
 PD-1160-CABLE  TRINAMIC    5  X16630
 PD-1161 Cable  TRINAMIC  for PDx-1161  4  X16123
 PD42-3-1140-TMCL  TRINAMIC  Motor  1  X16213
 PD42-3-1141  TRINAMIC  Motor/Drive  4  X18548
 PD42-4-1140-TMCL  TRINAMIC  Motor/drive  2  X16149
 PD60-4-1160-CANopen  TRINAMIC  Stepper mtr  2  X18578
 Spacers M3x10mm  TRINAMIC    100  X16590
 TMC1320-LA-X  TRINAMIC    100  X18448
 TMC-223-SI  TRINAMIC  IC  29  X15544
 TMC249A-SA  TRINAMIC  IC  12  X16105
 TMCM-013-CABLE  TRINAMIC  Cable for TMCM-013-42 Drive  1  X18184
 TMCM-090H  TRINAMIC  Drive card for Piezo motors  1  X13865
 TMCM-1110  TRINAMIC  Step Rocker  1  X15802
 TMCM-113 Cable  TRINAMIC  sold in packs of 5  4  X15051
 TMCM-1141-CABLE  TRINAMIC  Cable set  2  X15934
 TMCM-1160-CABLE  TRINAMIC  Cable/con set for X and Z axis  10  X16337
 TMCM-1160-TMCL  TRINAMIC  Drive  1  X16336
 TMCM-1180-CABLE  TRINAMIC  Cable set  2  X17857
 TMCM-1260-CABLE  TRINAMIC  Cable set  2  X20676
 TMCM-140-42-SE-485  TRINAMIC  Controller  1  X10796
 TMCM-1630-2C  TRINAMIC    1  X19440
 TMCM-3110-cable  TRINAMIC  Cable  7  X17570
 TMCM-3110-TMCL  TRINAMIC  Controller  5  X17569
 TMCM-610 S/G 6 axis stepper  TRINAMIC  drive with controller  3  X12163
 TMCM-6110-CABLE  TRINAMIC  Cable loom  5  X15508
 TMCM-612/SG  TRINAMIC  Drive  1  X12254