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Wed 6th Dec 2023 - 10 Steps To Achieve Optimal Ball Screw Selection

Ball screw assemblies translate rotational motion to linear motion or vice versa. They are widely used to guide, support, locate and accurately move components and products in a wide range of automation applications, ranging from small laboratory fluid pumps to large overhead gantry systems.

Thu 30th Nov 2023 - Servo Motor Optimization Can Make Your Agricultural Robot More Precise and Productive

Article Posted by Kollmorgen on 24th Oct 2023 on the Kollmorgen Blog in Motion

Thu 23rd Nov 2023 - Why Electric Actuators are Increasingly Replacing Hydraulic Systems

Hydraulics have traditionally provided much of the muscle for the industrial revolution, but that functionality has come with a cost.

Mon 13th Nov 2023 - Evolving the Rules of Inertia Matching

The accepted principle of matching motor to load inertia is no longer pertinent with today’s faster processors and advanced control algorithms.

Wed 8th Nov 2023 - Pancake-style Direct Drive Rotary Motor Combines Value and Performance

When it’s time to specify a rotary motor, it can be difficult to find a unit that provides both high performance and value. Even if you find a motor with characteristics you require, it may not fit in designs with limited axial space.

Mon 30th Oct 2023 - Direct Drive Technology Increases the Speed and Quality of Electric Vehicle Lithium-Ion Battery Production

One important stage in manufacturing lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles is seal-welding the positive-terminal top cap to the battery shell.

Mon 23rd Oct 2023 - Kollmorgen’s Direct Drive Technology Improves the Precision and Productivity of Lithium-Ion Battery Coaters

Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries are changing the world. With skyrocketing demand for electric vehicles and other battery-powered products, battery manufacturers are under intense pressure

Tue 17th Oct 2023 - How can feedback options make your designs smarter?

It’s all about control. With the smart actuators' onboard electronics allowing you to improve controllability, save space, and reduce installation time and total cost, a new world of interconnected possibilities awaits your machine designs.

Mon 9th Oct 2023 - The Kollmorgen P80630-SDN Stepper Drive

The P8000 series stepper drives take performance and precision to the next level. The first model, P80630-SDN, offers superior accuracy in a more compact design for labellers, indexing, CNC, packaging, pumps and other applications requiring low-speed, point-to-point motion control for fixed loads.

Wed 4th Oct 2023 - eVTOL Aircraft: Technical Challenges, Application Opportunities and the Role of Motion

Article Posted by Kollmorgen on 15th Sept 2023 on the Kollmorgen Blog in Motion

Tue 26th Sep 2023 - Kollmorgen introduces the P80360 stepper drive with closed-loop position control

The newest drive in the P8000 stepper drive platform offers real-time position correction and versatile programming capabilities.

Mon 18th Sep 2023 - Trio Motion Technology is offering a...

50% Exchange Discount Scheme!

Tue 12th Sep 2023 - From the Factory to the Farm: Unleashing the Power of Kollmorgen's Servo Motor Technology

Article Posted by Kollmorgen on 11th July 2023 on the Kollmorgen Blog in Motion

Thu 31st Aug 2023 - What are the basic elements of a servo system?

Article Posted by Kollmorgen on 10th May 2023 on the Kollmorgen Blog in Motion

Mon 21st Aug 2023 - What can manual brake release and override do for your machines?

These options for the new Electrak HD actuator can come to your rescue in sticky situations

Tue 15th Aug 2023 - Kollmorgen expands the performance and flexibility of its flagship AKD2G servo drive series with the new, 24A drive

Customers now have the option of achieving more power and control in a compact, high-amperage servo drive that offers expanded integration possibilities to support complex motion capabilities in a simpler machine.

Thu 10th Aug 2023 - Explore Space and Other Worlds with Kollmorgen’s Space-Worthy Motors

Article Posted by Kollmorgen on 20th April 2023 on the Kollmorgen Blog in Motion

Tue 1st Aug 2023 - New 2-metre racks for a range of applications

Wittenstein now offers 2-metre racks as an option for linear systems in addition to the tried-and-tested racks with a length of 1 metre.

Wed 19th Jul 2023 - Win the New Space Race with Motors You Can Rely On

Article Posted by Kollmorgen on 18th April 2023 on the Kollmorgen Blog in Motion

Tue 11th Jul 2023 - Create the perfect XYZ gantry system for your application with Parker's OSPE Belt driven actuators and a little help from Micromech.

Using the OSP-E…BHD belt driven actuators from the Parker Origa System Plus modular concept actuator range. Micromech have created a standard XYZ gantry assembly configurable to suit many applications.

Mon 3rd Jul 2023 - Micromech's Systems division is certified to build UL listed industrial control panels.

Micromech's Systems division has been designing and building bespoke motion control systems for 33 years. A few years ago to expand the wide range of services already offered we went through the process of becoming a UL Listed industrial control panel builder.

Tue 27th Jun 2023 - TPM - Rotary Servo Actuators

More productive - more efficient - more precise

Mon 19th Jun 2023 - Introducing a 1 to 4 axis, keenly priced, configurable Servo Controller

The MSS-K Servo Controller can be supplied from one to four axis, can operate as a stand alone unit, or be commanded from HMI, PLC or PC, and is available from Micromech.

Thu 15th Jun 2023 - Kollmorgen AKM Motor Improved Leadtimes. Available from Micromech…..Kollmorgen Certified Gold Partner

The AKM range is now available on greatly improved lead times.

Mon 5th Jun 2023 - The Next Generation Trio Flex Series Controller - Flex-X Nano is Here!

Powerful, compact and flexible, the Flex-X Nano improves on the performance of the best selling Flex-6 Nano.

Thu 1st Jun 2023 - KSM Safety Solutions Significantly Improve Productivity

With KSM Kollmorgen completes the motion safety chain from sensor-to-drive

Mon 22nd May 2023 - A New Motor Option from Kollmorgen for Demanding Washdown Applications

Kollmorgen extends its highly regarded AKMA servo motor portfolio with a new high performance servo motor that delivers durability, cleanability and versatility.

Mon 15th May 2023 - Kollmorgen Motors and Drives from Micromech: Improved Lead Times and Ex Stock Products

After a long period of disruption in supply chains we are pleased to announce improved lead times for the following Kollmorgen products:

Tue 9th May 2023 - Extending Component and Machine Life with Shock Load Dampening

Electrify more of your applications with this option of the new Electrak® XD electric linear actuator

Thu 4th May 2023 - Launch of the new AC15 & AC20 Series AC drives

Micromech is pleased to announce the launch of two new Parker AC Inverter drive product lines: AC15 and AC20.

Tue 18th Apr 2023 - The new NTP from Wittenstein – Qualified for more Value

The alpha value line has a new family member. We would like to introduce the new NTP gearbox. You may have read that and thought… ‘I already know this product?!’ But you’d be mistaken, the NTP is new to the market and sits comfortably between the NPT and TP gearboxes in terms of technical ability.

Tue 11th Apr 2023 - Low voltage. High performance.

Kollmorgens AKM2G & AKM Low Voltages DC Servo Motors as a motor solution for machine modules and retrofits.

Wed 29th Mar 2023 - Overcoming Motor Inertia - The Five Things You Need to Know

Posted by the Electromechanical Team on Thursday, June 8, 2017 from Parker's Motion Control Blog

Wed 22nd Mar 2023 - Unique stepping motors with integrated drives and EtherCat from RTA...Buy now from Micromech

This innovative stepping motor from RTA features an integrated mini step stepper drive, incremental encoder and EtherCat connectivity providing a complete basic motion control system in one very neat package.

Mon 13th Mar 2023 - The new Trio MC403-X Motion Co-ordinator from Micromech

The MC403-X is a panel mount Motion Coordinator using a high performance Cortex M7 processor. With three flexible axis ports and I/O for machine control, it is designed as a direct replacement for the successful MC403.

Mon 6th Mar 2023 - The V Drive range of worm gearboxes from Wittenstein provides maximum power density, constant torsional backlash and supreme smooth running.

With its three product variants, the new servo worm gearbox series from Wittenstein leaves nothing to be desired as far as performance, smooth running and flexibility are concerned.

Mon 27th Feb 2023 - Micromech retains Kollmorgen Gold Partner status for the seventh year in a row!

Twice awarded Best European Distributor, Micromech continues to grow sales of Kollmorgen’s excellent product range year on year.

Mon 20th Feb 2023 - Washdown and washdown food grade servo motors and gearboxes from Micromech.

Here are just some of some of the exciting products we have available for the food, packaging and printing industries.

Tue 14th Feb 2023 - Thomson introduces ground-breaking high-capacity, high-speed and high-durability electric linear actuators

Smart, maintenance-free Electrak® XD actuators bridge the performance gap between electric and hydraulic actuators for loads up to 25 kN

Mon 6th Feb 2023 - Big savings to be made with Kollmorgens AKD-N distributed servo technology.

AKD-N servo drives from Kollmorgen have been designed to be mounted close to associated motors greatly reducing cabling and cabinet size.

Mon 30th Jan 2023 - New compact linear motion system brings modularity to small space application development

Thomson has announced a new family of compact systems that makes it easier for motion designers to implement complex applications in small spaces.

Mon 16th Jan 2023 - RTA X-PLUS S Stepper Drives with STO (Safe Torque Off) function available from Micromech.

RTA X-PLUS S stepping motor drive series with step and direction interface and direct mains input (110v AC to 230v AC)

Mon 9th Jan 2023 - EtherCAT Flexslice systems allow fast and easy expansion for motion applications.

The Trio Flexslice input/output module system provides the user with a flexible, high speed robust solution for both motion control and general automation.

Tue 3rd Jan 2023 - Parker Zone 1 and Zone 2 ATEX Explosion proof servo motors available from Micromech.

EX any EY motors are available in 70mm- 155 mm frame sizes.