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Mon 24th Feb 2020 - Success Story from Kollmorgen - Extending Design Life and Performance

Kollmorgen 2G Motion System Simplifies Set-Up in a 50 Axis Meat Slicing Machine

Mon 17th Feb 2020 - Universal High-Voltage Gate-Driver For Up To 100A

The TMC6100 is a 3-half-bridge gate-driver for high-voltage BLDC, PMSM, and Servo motors. With a programmable gate current, it drives motors up to 100A using external MOSFETs.

Tue 11th Feb 2020 - Success Story from Kollmorgen - Optimising Bottle Production

Kollmorgen Solution Catapults PET Bottle Blow Molding Machine to Top Producer in the World

Mon 3rd Feb 2020 - Introducing the Commander core, a powerful hybrid IC motion controller for OEMs

Nippon Pulse’s Commander core motion controller, a four-axis hybrid IC that bridges the gap between off-the-shelf and design-from-scratch controllers. The Commander core is secure, flexible and is easily scalable from prototype to production while remaining cost-effective for high-volume applications.

Wed 29th Jan 2020 - The Kollmorgen AKM2G series range of AC Synchronous Servo Motors from Micromech

Smaller footprint helps to reduce machine space.........Increased torque provides higher performance...........Wider speed range for faster operation

Mon 20th Jan 2020 - The Kollmorgen AKD2G Servo Drive

AKD2G features include dual-axis, expandable I/O (without increasing the size), removable memory, dual-channel STO, and the first drive-resident graphic display in the industry.

Mon 13th Jan 2020 - Smart Driver IC for Battery Powered DC Motors

Trinamic’s TMC7300 is the company’s second IC for low-voltage applications. The power driver with UART-based control for torque and velocity can drive up to two DC motors from 2 (1.8)…11V DC.

Mon 6th Jan 2020 - Thomson's Movopart® MF-K rodless actuator

Thomson's Movopart® MF-K rodless actuator slides provide guided linear motion through a ball screw drive and a saddle that rides along the top of the actuator to carry the load.