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As a certified distributor for Parker we are able to supply many of their comprehensive product ranges offered including Servo Drives, Servo Motors, Stepper Motors, Motion Controllers, Inverters, Linear Motors, Linear Actuators, Linear Positioning Tables, Linear Tables, Rotary Tables, Manual Stages and Gearboxes.  

Parker provides solutions for a huge variety of applications in the field of programmable motion control. As well as drives, motors and controls, there is a wide choice of mechanical positioning systems and supporting products. This full range of hardware is complemented by sophisticated front-end software to simplify the process of system analysis, motor-drive selection, program generation and system set-up.

As an authorised distributor we can offer expert technical advice from initial concept right through to commissioning and after sales support. Contact our sales team on 01376 333333 or sales@micromech.co.uk for price and delivery or technical assistance.

Parker Origa  Parker SSD Drives


Servo Motors 

 Parker - Servo Motors - Rotary  Parker - Servo Motors - Frameless    Parker - Servo Motors - Explosion Proof
Rotary  Frameless Explosion Proof  

Servo Drives 

 Parker - Servo Drives - AC Input      
AC Input

Motion Controllers

 Parker - Motion Controllers - Stand-Alone      

Inverter Drives 

 Parker - Inverter Drives - Basic  Parker - Inverter Drives - Advanced    
Basic Advanced      

Linear Motors 

 Parker - Linear Motors - Linear Motors      
Linear Motors

Linear Actuators 

 Parker - Linear Actuators - Explosion Proof

Linear Stages

 Parker - Linear Tables - Screw Driven  Parker - Linear Tables - Belt Driven  
Screw Driven Belt Driven  

Linear and Rotary Guides

 Parker - Linear and Rotary Guides - High Precision      
Linear Guides    


 Parker - Gearboxes - General  Parker - Gearboxes - Explosion Proof    
General Explosion Proof