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Target metrology workstation used in laser research facility

Three -dimensional metrology on ‘micron scale’ Laser Targets

Three -dimensional metrology on ‘micron scale’ Laser Targets.

Scope of overall contract.
Turnkey design and supply of Laser Target Metrology Workstation with comprehensive Vision System package and PC interface.

Description of equipment and services supplied.

In many Laser Research applications it is necessary to have the ability to manipulate a very small target sample in three dimensions in order to direct the Laser power at precise locations on the target sample. This can be achieved by initially acquiring a metrology image of the target using a laboratory based Vision System with high levels of Zoom and magnification. The acquired 3-D co-ordinates are then replicated on an identical positioning system within the Vacuum target chamber for target processing.

Micromech Systems Ltd designed and built a complete Target Metrology desk station with integrated PC and Vision System for carrying out this process. The in-vacuum target positioning system was also supplied under a separate contract for the actual target processing in vacuum.

The metrology system included vision software screens for the user to achieve maximum magnification and size referencing on a wide range of targets. Some target areas have overall dimensions of a few tens of microns. 
Target Metrology
Target Metrology