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Part Number  Manufacturer Description  Qty  Stock Code
003-3438-01/H2/H3 L2,L3 PARKER Sensor 3 X15592
006-1639-03 PARKER Sensor 2 X12676
 080-900447 PARKER Sensor Cable PUR M12 1 X19766
10801FIL PARKER Motor Shaft Coupling 3 X17962
10G-12-0100-BF PARKER AC10 Series AC Drive 1 X19568
10G-41-0006-BF PARKER AC10 Series AC Drive 1 X20262
10G-41-0010-BF PARKER AC10 Series AC Drive 1 X19964
10G-42-0020-BF PARKER AC10 Series AC Drive 1 X19968
10G-42-0040-BF PARKER AC10 Series AC Drive 1 X19903
10G-43-0080-BF PARKER AC10 Series AC Drive 1 X18521
10G-44-0230-BN PARKER AC10 Series AC Drive 1 X19169
10G-45-0440-BF PARKER AC10 Series AC Drive 1 X19882
15536FIL PARKER Mid Support E1 OSP 4 X17752
16G-41-0040-BN PARKER AC10 Series AC Drive 1 X20799
400-300708 PARKER Sealing Strip 1 X17977
40101XESD9H0L0LN17C7E0R0 PARKER Series 401 2 X20280
5010FIL PARKER E1 mount set OSP E50 2 X17751
510-006401 PARKER Wearing parts kit for steel 1 X17978
C3H050V4F11I10T10 PARKER Servo Drive 1 X12333
CC3UA1D1R0010 PARKER 10m Resolver Cable 4 X16121
CC3UQ1D1R0010 PARKER 10m Power Cable 3 X16120
CW-310-2N-NC-15482 PARKER Ironless Linear Motor 1 X18106
ETT032S2CSGN 0660C PARKER Linear Motor 1 X19646
ETT-C032S2C SNC PARKER Linear Motor 1 X19647
ETT-RO32G971 PARKER Magnetic Rod 1 X19722
FR13020 PARKER Filter 1 X12962
H80 PARKER Stepper Drive 1 X14890
LX80LT10MPDD 17CM05Z2ER2A1XS1 PARKER Linear Actuator 1 X11150
MB10530045192I642 PARKER Brushless Servo Motor 2 X16347
MU115-010 PARKER Mounting Kit 2 X18943
MU115-026 PARKER Mounting Kit 2 X18538
OSPE25-1030A0-00300-P00004C PARKER Linear Actuator 1 X20997
OSPE32-10403-01220-000000 PARKER Linear Actuator 2 X18626
OSPE50-10403-01700-0M0000 PARKER Linear Actuator 1 X18625
P8SA-GEFRX PARKER Limit Sensor 2 X17555
P8S-GQFLX PARKER Limit Sensor 1 X15861
P8S-GQSHX PARKER Limit Sensor 2 X17882
P8S-GRFDX PARKER Limit Sensor 2 X20288
P8S-GRSHX PARKER Limit Sensor 3 X18553
PS115-050-S2 PARKER Gearbox 2 X18942
PS60-007-S2/MU60-009 PARKER Gearbox 1 X18663
PS60-010-S2/MU60-005 PARKER Gearbox 1 X15497
SD15 PARKER Refurbished Stepper Drive 1 X15821
SD15 PARKER Stepper Drive 2 X15319
SMC-1PC PARKER PNP Limit switch 2 X14151
VIX500IE PARKER Servo Drive 1 X14290
XL CONNECT (KIT) PARKER Single Axis to xl-psu 2 X17128
ZBH02/01 PARKER Connector Kit for Compax 3 2 X14141