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31 axis stepper/servo control system for part of a beamline upgrade

Application or solution
A technology upgrade was required for 31 motion control axes concerned with positioning various sample stages and beam slits. 16 small servomotors and 15 stepper motors.

Scope of overall contract.
To propose a complete turnkey solution of controls and mechanical adaptions which could be rapidly installed and commissioned during the summer shutdown period. Propose components, build two rack system, devise motion software, test, install and commission.

Description of equipment and services supplied.

Due to limited space in the beam-line hutch the control was split into two parts. A large free standing cubicle to be mounted on the hutch roof and a small 16-axis slave servo control and 15 stepper motors to be mounted on the wall of the hutch inside. Power supply conditioning was also required due to previous experience with high-energy noise problems. Micromech installed and commissioned the system. Four Parker 6K8 Ethernet motion controllers provided the 31 axes of control. The servo drives were Maxon and the stepper drives Stoegra.
31 Axis Stepper/Servo