Parker - RTS Series

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The RTS servo amplifiers are designed for driving DC servo motors and are available in numerous ratings upto 6.5 kW.

These products enable speed control of DC motors with or without tachometers.
They integrate main supply, auxiliary supply and braking resistor circuits in a compact package.


  • Battery, single-phase or three-phase power supply
  • U-RI or tachometer control
  • Integrated braking resistor
  • Full protecting features
  • High compactness
  • Panel or rack mounting
  • 3U Eurocard
Examples of applications

The RTS range provides control for the whole range of DC motors.

The RTS drive and DC motor combination is economical and extremely competitive for low-power drive systems. For example : medical equipment, three dimensional measuring machines, electronic production, office technology, etc.

Technical specifications

Main features :
- Functions with current or speed control
- Differential speed or current control /-10V
- Current reduction as function of speed or temperaure
- Zero torque enabling input Zero speed enabling input Reset input
- Analog information of speed or torque
- Relay state of servo amplifier
- Power supply output -15V/0/ 15V
- Galvanic insulation between control and power section.

Power supply :
Single phase, three phase or battery

Operating temperature :
0-40°C (derate by 10% >1000m per 1000m to 4000m max.)

Protection :
IP20 for versions with covering cap

Altitude :
1000 m (derate by 10 % >1000 m per 1000 m to 4000 m max.)

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Parker -- RTS Series