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MPC - SKA DDR - Direct Drive Torque Motor

Direct drive torque motors SKA DDR

Multipoles brushless synchronous torque motors. Featuring a remarkable stall torque capacity plus high acceleration values, SKA DDR achieves efficiencies and precision positioning that are difficult to obtain with conventional systems. The advantages: full elimination of all transmission mechanical components, significant time and cost saving in machine maintenance and proven energy reduction. SKA DDR is available in a Power Pack version, a perfect example of Motor Power Company's skills in the electrical and mechanical spheres.


  • 2 – 760Nm stall torque
  • Thermal protector (clixon)
  • NdFeB Magnets
  • Class F insulation
  • IP65 protection (Power Pack version)
  • Feedback: resolver, incremental and absolute encoders, Hall sensors
  • The Power Pack version includes the SKA DDR torque motor with mounting flange, bearings and transducer, aluminium cover case and specific connections. Available with hollow shaft, male shaft and through hollow shaft versions
  • CE-UL certified




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