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MPC - Tetra & Tetra Compact - Brushless Servo Motor

TETRA & TETRA COMPACT Brushless servomotors

The brushless servomotor is a product of tried- and-tested success that Motor Power Company manufacturers thanks to in-company know-how acquired during years of practical experience with designing and building motors. TETRA COMPACT belongs to the low power range and stands out for its constructional shape; TETRA is the brushless servomotor with excellent efficiency along with high torque rate, thanks to the intrinsic technology that gets the most out of the magnetic material. The original construction of the rotor part (patented) permits two possible inertia executions on the same motor size by ensuring an optimum dynamic response even with different load masses. This servomotors are particularly suitable for positioning tasks in industrial robotic, machine tools, actuators and machine automation with demanding requirements in terms of dynamics and stability.


  • Synchronous brushless servomotor, permanently excited
  • Rated output power from 60W to 8kW
  • Maximum servomotor speed up to 5000rpm
  • Insulation class F (155 °C)
  • IP 65 on motor body
  • Ral 9005 black powder coating
  • Temperature protection by KTY 84 (excluding TC 40)
  • Shaft balancing class G 2,5 according ISO 1940
  • Smooth or keyed shaft
  • Built-in feedback resolver 2 poles, TTL Encoder, Absolute
  • Multiturn Encoder (Hiperface)
  • Cable flange with connectors for TC 40
  • 90° round circular turnable connectors (IP 67) for all other models
  • Optional electromagnetic permanent-holding brake. Zero backlash
  • Optional shaft sealing



 Tetra and Tetra Compact


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MPC - Tetra & Tetra Compact