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Micromech DC Motor - Slottless Brushless BL2644-24-P2-14000

Slottless Low Cost Brushless DC Motor Specifications

 Item  Specification
 Nominal voltage  24 V
 No load speed  14000
No load current  0.14A
 Terminal resistance phase to phase  3.3 Ω
Terminal inductance phase to phase  0.23 mH
 Output power  36 W
Efficiency  74.176 %
Torque constant  16.055 mNm/A
 Stall torque  114.517 mNm TD>
 Back-EMF constant  1.681 mV/rpm
Speed constant  594.783 rpm/V
Friction torque  2.248 mNm
 Current constant  0.062 A/mNm
Rotor inertia  0.09466gcm2
weight of motor  118 g


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