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Parker - 3000 Series - Ball Bearing Guided, Miniature Manual Linear Slide

Ball Bearing Guided, Miniature Manual Linear Slides - 3000 Series

The 3000-series of miniature ball-bearing guided manual linear slides offer travels of up to 4", payloads up to 56 lbs, plus exceptional smoothness, extremely low friction and a very good straightness and flatness accuracy.

The 3000 Series ball bearing linear slides are the ideal mechanisms for providing precise, low friction, linear guidance. Two linear rows of bearings (one located on each side of the base), support the carriage and provide smooth, accurate, linear translation.

3000-Series Manual Slides, Ball Bearing Guided:
• 0.75, 1.00, and 1.25 inches wide
• 0.00008 inch straight-line accuracy per inch of travel (0.00025 inches for miniatures)
• Non re-circulating ball bearing races for smooth, low-friction motion
• Precision ground mounting surfaces to assure flatness and parallelism
• Hardened and precision ground 440C stainless steel balls and rods
• Factory preloaded to precision specifications to eliminate any side play and provide a uniform coefficient of friction

Parker 3000-Series Ball Slides are mechanically simple linear bearings, designed and assembled to provide exceptional smoothness and linear straight line accuracy. This is achieved by the ball and rod linear bearing design. The ball and rod bearings on Parker ball slides consist of two rows of hardened steel balls, each preloaded between four hardened ground steel rods. This design provides ultra-smooth, extremely low-friction motion by reducing the contact area between the balls and the ways. Additionally this design provides extremely good straight line and flatness accuracy. All Parker ball bearing slides incorporate 440C hardened stainless steel ball and rods to ensure corrosion resistance and long life. Both the top and base aluminum mounting surfaces are precision machined to ensure flatness. Available in both Imperial and metric mounting configurations. Ball slides are functionally much more reliable than simple dovetail slides, since there is no direct sliding contact of the top and bottom members. Ball slides eliminate the rapid wear problems, regular lubrication requirements, and "stiction” (skipping and jumping caused by the increased force needed to initiate movement) characteristic of dovetail slides.



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