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JMobile: innovative software solution for the design of HMI applications 

It 's a powerful and versatile instrument designed for the rapid creation of new applications for both the maintenance phase, in order to provide to the end customer a solution tailored to his needs. This new software platform is not only appreciated by users for the ability to control and remote monitoring with client-server architecture based on web technology, but also for its ability to capture and archive data for their share in higher-level structures. The presence of a simulation system also allows programmers to further accelerate the development cycles of applications. The JMobile runtime, which plays the role of supervision of implementation of projects developed with the programming software JMobile Studio, it also notes its easy adaptability to different operating systems and therefore can be offered, if required, third-party devices, a true cross-platform system.

  • Powerful and intuitive programming with JMobile Studio
  • Support of a wide range of communication drivers
  • Advanced vector graphics with SVG support
  • Full support of dynamic object properties (visibility, position, rotation, resizing, opacity, color)
  • Data display as numerical, text, bargraph, analog gauges and graphic image formats
  • Data acquisition and trend presentation
  • Full support of multilanguage applications
  • Powerful script language
  • Alarm handling
  • Recipe data handling
  • User and group access control
  • Tag Editor and Tag Database
  • Advanced HMI objects: e-mail, RSS feeds, Scheduler, Rotating menu, Video input
  • Remote access (client, browser-based and VNC-based
  • Off-line simulation (*)
  • Report printing to USB printer (*)
  • Optional IEC 61131-3 Soft PLC (CoDeSys)
  • Rich symbol library and project templates

Designer 6: Software Designed for Simplicity 

Develop your application for a UniOP HMI panel with our easy-to-use Designer configuration software. Designer gives you everything that you need to build your graphic displays and connect to your plant-floor devices with an extensive list of communication drivers included at no extra charge.

  • One Windows-based software programs all the models
  • The easiest to use software
  • State-of-the-Art interface and technology
  • Pixel and vector graphics with High Colors support (64K colors)
  • Ethernet communication
  • Dual-driver communication
  • Tag dictionary
  • Far East languages support
  • Export/Import text information
  • Video input
  • Intuitive workspace-based interface
  • Easy screen editing
  • Multiple data formats
  • Advanced drawing functions
  • Graphics and object libraries
  • Bargraphs
  • Graphics including dynamic
  • Gauges
  • Recipe data storage
  • Password protection
  • Alarms
  • Data acquisition and trends
  • Keyboard Macro Editor
  • Complete report printout
  • Native networking capability (UniNET) with OPC interface

JMobile Studio Suite

JMobile is an innovative, truly mobile HMI platform for real-time monitoring and controlling of remote equipment. 

Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP development software on CD - PC cable

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JMobile Studio Suite