Nippon Pulse - PFCL/PFL Series - Linear Actuator

PFCL series linear actuators are PM type stepper motors that enable linear motions without any outside mechanical transformers. Feature of the actuators are simple structure, simple control, high efficiency and long life. The actuators come with 2 sizes, PFCL25 and PFL35T.
Various lead screw pitches and lengths, winding choices, magnet material choices, and drive voltage choices give the design engineer the flexibility to meet the application requirements. Applications for Linear Step include medical equipment, control valve, instrumentation, analysis machines and etc.

 Family Model Number

 Motor Diameter

 Step Angle 
 Thread Pitch

 Effective Stroke

 PFL20  20  15  1.2  30 or 60
 PFCL25-24  25  15  0.48, 0.96, 1.2  30 or 60
 PFCL25-48  25  7.5  0.48, 0.96, 1.2  30 or 60
 PFL35T-48  35  7.5  0.48, 0.96, 1.2  30 or 60

 Linear Step Motors 


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Nippon Pulse - PFCL Series