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we can combine any of these products to meet the needs of your application

Micromech will specify, assemble and manufacture from a simple combination of products eg a motor and gearbox, to complex systems as follows:

Positioning and speed control
Where motion control products such as motors, gearboxes, actuators, drives, controls and precision positioning systems need to be combined – we can do it! We integrate precision bearing, feedback and drive systems, including Micromech's range of linear servomotors. Each ‘total’ solution will be complete with motors, drives and controls and can include the programming and commissioning.
AC and DC drive systems, across a wide power range, from less than 1 kW to more than 1 MW service is available. Solutions typically include electrical enclosure, ancillary electronic equipment and full documentation. Commissioning and support services are standard.
Micromech has nearly 30 of experience in providing a from single to multiple axis mechanical positioning systems, if required complete with motors, drives and controls

Many motion applications cannot be solved with off the shelf products designed to be versatile as well as easy to configure for the majority of industrial and process applications. Some customers require solutions that cannot be found in a catalogue. Micromech has the resources and expertise available to provide such customised solutions:
  • Custom motor design
  • Customised mechanical positioning systems
  • Customised control functionality
  • Customised communication solutions
Value Added Services
In addition to providing products and systems, Micromech also provide a number of value added services to our customers:
  • Programming and commissioning services
  • After sale support and service
  • Product repairs
  • Product training