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Customised products and services 

Do you need to reduce your paperwork, cut your vendor base, lower costs or simplify production?

Customised ProductsFor manufacturers there is the ever-present pressure of ensuring components are ready for production on time. This involves taking products from stores and carrying out modifications before returning them to the shelf ready for later use in the build process. It means stocking numerous components, additional drawings and administration, assembly work which may contain errors and is of course expensive.

What is really required are products delivered from your supplier, ready for installation when you need them!

To make your life easier, Micromech is ready to undertake these numerous modifications. We produce special shafts and flanges, add cables and connectors to motors, paint, fit gearboxes and encoders, as well as producing special adapters for fitting motors to actuators and brackets for assembly into multi axis mechanical systems.
Customised ProductsUsing our in-house technical expertise, we modify 'supplied' parts to fit existing systems, whether it be a simple motor cable, or gearbox flanges or any other component. So not only do we supply your motors, drives and controls, we offer the following additional services:


  • Finished parts - to your specification, this could include painting, spraying, coating, part number marking, labels and environmental protection
  • Machined modifications - this includes flanges, special adapters, keyways and special shafts
  • Assembly of components - fitting together brakes, clutches, couplings, adapter plates, gearboxes and even your own free issue parts
  • Completed assembly test - then supplied with appropriate documentation

Customised ProductsElectrical:

  • Assembly - fitting motor connectors, extending motor leads, sleeving motor leads, rack assembly, etc
  • Modification - PCB changes, leads/cables fitted to PCB’s, vacuum preparation


  • PCB -  design and development, motion control system build
  • Software Engineering - customised control functionality and communication solutions
Note: all these products will carry the customer’s part number (if required) and our own unique SP number

Contact our sales desk on 01376 333333 or email sales@micromech.co.uk for more information about our Customised Products and Service (CPS) and request a quotation