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Mon 20th Jun 2022 - Wittenstein XP+ – New dimensions in power transmission

Wittenstein XP+
Wittenstein’s XP+ planetary gearbox brings us new dimensions in power transmission to foster competitiveness and improve the performance of smart factories. With the XP+ gearbox range, Wittenstein is positioned at the forefront of drive systems and opens new perspectives for companies looking to maximise their performance, through the automation and digitalisation of production processes.

So what makes the XP+ a stand-out gearbox?
  • allows greater acceleration, making the duration of the cycle shorter.
  • supports higher weights and forces during the process.
  • achieves an increase in rolling smoothness and repetition accuracy.
  • allows to create linear systems of high performance.
  • guarantees a reduction of space and costs.
The XP+’s features include a special output design and an extremely compact structure, with high performance that exceeds the current industry standard. The XP+ has the highest torque density on the market, great torsional rigidity and a high rollover torque capacity. 

If torque is particularly important to your application, the newest addition to the XP+ family, the XP+ High Torque, has the highest torque density on the market, allowing you to create highly dynamic applications with even shorter cycle times and greater positioning accuracy, leaving room for even more compact and thin drive shafts.
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The use of this news article and images came with permission from Wittenstein.