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Mon 19th Jul 2021 - Complete Trio Motion Technology motion control solutions from Micromech, Trio’s only UK Solutions Partner.

Trio Solutions
Are you are looking for complete motion control solution for your application from one manufacturer? Then call our technical sales team at Micromech. 

As the only Trio Solutions Partner in the UK our experienced engineers will assist you with specifying a cutting edge EtherCAT based, Trio Motion Technology solution including a motion coordinator, servo motors and drives, I/O expansion modules, and a HMI, all configured and programmed from a single software environment, Motion Perfect 5.
Trio Solutions

Motion Coordinator options:

Flex-6 Nano, powerful, compact and flexible, the Flex-6 Nano is an integrated EtherCAT solution offering up to 64 Axes of motion. It is expandable through the matching Flexslice range of Input, Output and Axis modules.

MC6N, a high performance Motion Coordinator which is dedicated to running remote servo and stepper drives via the EtherCAT real time automation bus. It is based on the 1GHz i.MX7 Dual ARM Cortex A7 Core Processor which makes it ideal for high axis count machines or robotic applications.

MC664-X, a Quad core A9 processor, dedicated communications core, up to 128 axes and built-in EtherCAT port adds up to the most versatile Motion Coordinator yet!

PC-MCAT 64, an innovative "Motion + PC Solution". A powerful quad core Intel Atom processor is used to drive both a high performance motion controller and a compact PC that can run user applications under Windows. The PC-MCAT software uses a real-time extension to allow both Windows and the motion controller to run directly on their own processor cores.

DX4 Motor and Drive packages

Trio SolutionsDesigned to work seamlessly with Trio's EtherCAT controllers, DX4 is fully integrated into Trio’s application development tool, Motion Perfect, our single software environment for system planning, configuration virtualisation and machine programming. 

Your system needs can easily be scaled within our Trio solution architecture, through one of the above Motion Coordinators and high performance of EtherCAT distributed Flexslice I-O systems, adding function where it is needed, as it is needed, simplifying the drive system for optimal motion centric machine applications. 

Trio Solutions
Flexslice I/O modules

The EtherCAT Flexslice System is designed to let you do more! It offers fast flexible expansion for motion applications and can be used with Trio or 3rd Party Masters. An advantage of the I/O slice approach compared to a traditional PLC for analogue and stepper integration is a saving on footprint and cost, combined with our motion-first specialisation.


Trio SolutionsUNIPLAY HMI

Trio's unique UNIPLAY HMI system is a revolutionary way to make operator interfaces better, easier and more secure! The UNIPLAY series boasts a 7" and 10" colour display.


Trio SolutionsMotion Perfect:

Motion Perfect v5 enhances the programming experience for the Motion Coordinator and DX4.

This new release has been improved to make setup, diagnostics and commissioning even more straight-forward. Built on Trio's Motion-ix core technology, it provides the user with a re-designed easy to understand interface for rapid application development, controller and drive configuration and monitoring of functions.

The commissioning of your drives is made simple with a series of Device Configuration Screens allowing access to status information and diagnostics at a glance. Network configuration is just as easy and includes a selection of pre-defined EtherCAT profiles or custom EtherCAT profiles can be designed using a checkbox interface. 

The oscilloscope tool allows simulation and visualisation of up to 8 drive parameters.
All motor axes can be detected, setup, monitored and controlled in real-time from the easy to use dialogue windows.

Tuning is catered for using a choice of three modes: Tuningless, One Parameter Auto Tuning and Manual Tuning. Whichever mode is chosen, Motion Perfect adapts the intelligent screen to allow full access to the tuning tools.

The integration of DX4 and Motion Perfect doesn't stop there. It includes access to IEC 61131 and PLCopen and our robotics solution; RPS, system configuration including distributed IO Flexslice systems, advanced visualisation including a 3D oscilloscope and IP protection of your projects.

All this and more makes Motion Perfect the tool for all your machine and automation needs.

Download and try Motion Perfect v5 FREE from triomotion.com

For more details on Trio products range or for technical help call 01376 333333 email sales@micromech.co.uk

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