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Mon 21st Jun 2021 - Save up to 70% on ball screw costs

Thomson - Save up to 70% on ball screw costsThomson precision-formed ball screws with P3 accuracy for precision applications 

High-precision processes and precision applications often require ball screws with an accuracy class of P3 and there is a commonly-held view among mechanical design engineers that this accuracy can only be achieved with ground-thread screws.

Now, Thomson offers ball screws with a lead accuracy class of P3 (12 µm / 300 mm) manufactured using our proprietary rolling process called Precision Screw Forming Technology (PST).
The advantage of Thomson's rolled P3 ball screws is while meeting the same precision as ground spindles, they cost up to 70% less.

Their high precision is achieved through several factors:

The selection of the raw material is to precisely defined specifications while our proprietary forming and subsequent heat treatment processes using the latest technology are crucial.
The rolling process also results in a stronger material grain structure, so that the screw has a higher fatigue strength and thus a longer service life compared to ground screws.

Features and benefits include: 
  • Lengths up to 15 m; diameters of 12 - 80 mm, leads of 5 - 50 mm.
  • Maximum dynamic loads up to 480 kN.
  • Available with single or double ball screw nuts (flanged or cylindrical).
  • Application expertise and advice from the Thomson engineers.
  • Customized products – even with smaller quantities; special solutions for harsh environments.
  • Thomson Neff Industries GmbH is DIN ISO 9001: 2015 certified.
Ideal applications include: 
  • Machining centers.
  • Machine tools (turning, milling, grinding, drilling).
  • Metal forming, stamping presses, water jet cutting.
  • Factory automation.
  • Precision industrial robots.
  • Manufacturing of electronic assemblies.
  • Packaging equipment.
  • Medical equipment.
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The use of this news article and images came with permission from Thomson.