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Tue 8th Jun 2021 - New from Akribis, the DGH range of Linear Stages for the highest precision applications

Akribis Sytems - DGH 

The Akribis DGH series is a range of high precision modular direct drive linear slides utilising a direct drive linear motor positioning system. It consists of dual linear guides, linear motor, encoder feedback and aluminium cover to form a compact high performance module. 

The DGH high performance linear stage series, boast superior specifications and performance to the DGL series, Akribis’ primary linear stage series. The design is highly cost effective focusing on the most crucial elements to provide high precision performance while keeping costs low. 

To meet the challenges of the future for greater precision and quality, the DGH design is the product of improved fabrication capabilities, data-driven selection of precision grade components and the collaboration of specialists in the different fields.

To match the power that a DGH motors can produce, safety is a focus in the range design. The DGH design underwent rigorous testing during its development to meet the increasing expectations for safety while maintaining a high load capacity to max velocity ratio. In addition, the safety feature was developed and sized with the intention of combining multiple Akribis’ modules for a multi-axis stage without sacrificing load capacity.

The DGH series’ electrical components are UL certified and capable of handling the high stresses generated by the powerful motion.

Similar to the DGL range of linear motors the DGH linear motors use the Akribis patented AUM series ironless linear motor or the AJM and AKM series iron core linear motor. 

The AUM linear motor is cogging free, lightweight, with zero attraction force allowing for precise position and velocity control applications such as scanning.

The AJM and AKM linear motors are iron core, suitable for point-to-point motion and provide a more cost-effective solution.

The DGH series is available in range of body widths: 150mm, 180mm, 200mm and 260mm with useable strokes between 100mm to 800mm in 100m increments. Larger strokes are available on request.
Akribis Sytems - DGH

  • Encoder type
  • Housing finish
  • Ironcore or ironless linear motor
  • Flying leads or DSUB termination
In addition to the standard DGL range, the motor stages can be customised in a variety of ways to suit OEMs and repeat customers.

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