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Mon 21st Sep 2020 - Check out the Akribis DGL Linear Motor Position System

The Akribis DGL series is a range of modular direct drive linear motor systems. The DGL utilises the Akribis range of ironless and iron core motors along with encoder feedback and aluminium housing to form a compact footprint, high performance module.

The linear motors used in the DGL are the Akribis patented AUM series ironless linear motor or the AJM and AKM series iron core linear motor. 

The AUM linear motor is cogging free, allowing for velocity control, scanning applications.
The AJM and AKM linear motors are iron core, suitable for point-to-point motion and provide a more cost-effective solution.

Whichever motor option you chose, excellent force to size ration and precise homing is standard.
Akribis - DGL Series

The DGL series is available in range of body widths: 150mm, 180mm, 200mm and 260mm with useable strokes between 100mm to 1200mm in 100m increments

  • Encoder type
  • Housing finish
  • Ironcore or ironless linear motor
  • Flying leads or DSUB termination
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