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Parker - Pallet Gantry Robots

Pallet Gantry Robots: Automated Palletizing/Depalletizing Handling Systems

Parker's standardised pallet handling robots are specially designed for moving and stacking crates, both cardboard and plastic minimizing cost and installation time.
They are equipped with three linear actuators (X-, Y- and Z-axis) and an optional additional rotation axis (C-axis), plus a gripper capable of moving loads weighing up to 50kg. Linear actuators with timing belt drive have been used successfully for years and their long service life ensures reliability. A telescopic Z-axis minimises the vertical space required for the pallet handling robot. The optional C-axis makes it possible to rotate about the vertical axis, thus allowing for reorientation of individual packages and boxes - this offers numerous advantages, for example the full surface area of a standard pallet can be optimally used with cartons or boxes of different dimensions loaded in combination. All drive elements of the pallet handling robots are suitable for operation in clean environments - this is particularly useful for manufacturing enterprises in the pharmaceutical, food and luxury item industries.


  • Factory Automation
  • Miscellaneous Manufacturing
  • Packaging Machinery
  • Pharma
  • Food and Beverage


  • Faster automation through standardisation
  • Minimising cost and time during installation
  • X-Axis(horizontal) - Type HLE 150, Speed 2.5 m/s, Acceleration 3 m/s²
  • Y-Axis(horizontal) - Type HPLA 120, Speed 2.5 m/s, Acceleration 3 m/s²
  • Z-Axis(vertikal) - Type HTR 80, Speed 2.5 m/s, Acceleration 3 m/s²
  • C-Axis (axis of rotation)- Type HDM 409, rotation angle 360°


  • Palletising processes
  • Picking, Packing
  • Grippers

 Performance Characteristics
 Product Type  Gantry Robot
 Configuration  XX"-YY" - Z
 Drive Type  Belt
 Maximum Stroke (mm)  7300 (X) * 3000 (Y) * 2000 (Z)
 Maximum Speed (m/s)  2.5 (X) * 2.5 (Y) *2.5 (Z)
 Maximum Payload Range  10....50kg
 Repeatability  ± 0.2 mm
 Additional Protection Option  Steel Strip Cover (optional - X)
 Communication Interface  EtherCAT | Profinet


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Parker - Pallet Gantry Robots