Trinamic - TMCM-1633 - BLDC cDriver Module

The TMCM-1633 is a single axis controller module for brushless DC (BLDC) and PMSM motors. It offers field-oriented control (FOC) with up to 10A RMS phase currents at 48V DC supply. Besides hall sensor and incremental a/b/n encoder interfaces for connection to the motor, digital inputs and outputs can be used. A CAN interface allows communication with a CANopen master.

The TMCM-1633 is compatible with Trinamic's baseboard BB-1630.

Special Features

  • brake before make
  • short to GND detection
  • slope controlcurrent sensing via MOSFET
 Status  preview
 Axes  1
 Motor Supply
 Phase Current, RMS  5A
 a/b/n incremental
 brake before make  
 short to GND detection  
 slope control  
 current sensing via MOSFET

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Trinamic - TMCM-1633