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RTA - CSD J4 - Boxed, Stepping Motor Drive

Stepping motor drive boxed CSD J4
(24 - 48 VDC 2.6 - 4.4 Amp) with plug in connectors


  • Series of ministep bipolar chopper drives with an on-board programmable motion controller that can be used:
    - for the interfacing, through RS485 serial line, with a central control system
    - as an independent unit.
  • Presence of a dedicated analog input for the setting of motor target speed.
  • Target: low-power applications needing a programmable motion controller with small size motors.
  • Microstepping function up to 4.000 step/rev.
  • Setting of the motor target speed sampled at the beginning of the motion sequence (before motor starts running).
  • Programmable motion controller allowing the connection up to 48 drives on a single serial line.
  • External fans not needed: ideal both for mounting inside a metallic electrical cabinet and for stand-alone applications.
  • Version: drive housed in a metallic box 90 x 99 x 30 mm, equipped with plug-in connectors.
  • Range of operating voltages: 24-48 VDC.
  • Range of current: 2.6-4.4 Amp. Setting up to four possible values by means of a serial line.
  • Microstepping: 400, 800, 1.600, 3.200 and 500, 1.000, 2.000, 4.000 steps/revolution. Setting by means of a serial line.
  • Automatic current reduction at motor standstill.
  • Protections:
    -Protection against under-voltage and over-voltage.
    -Protection against a short-circuit at motor outputs.
    -Overtemperature protection with thermal sensor.
  • Electronic damping facility for further acoustic noise and mechanic vibrations reduction.
  • Possibility to set Pull-UP or Pull-Down inputs.
  • Warranty: 24 months.
  • Target speed setting by means of analog input sampled at the beginning of the motion sequence (before motor starts running).
  • Input setting: 0-5 VDC or 0-10 VDC
  • Frequency range:
    - 3000 Hz- 48000 Hz (with ramp)
    - 0 Hz-4100 Hz or 0 Hz-510 Hz (without ramp)
  • Possibility of matching with potentiometers of 2.2 KOhm.
  • Communication through RS485 serial line; up to 48 drives can be connected on a single serial line. One instruction can be broadcasted to all drives.
  • Various types of available instructions, as for example: indexed run with ramp, free run with ramp, indexed run without ramp, run with a programmable braking distance, zero research. Space can be programmed in relative or absolute mode (linear or circular).
  • Number of steps for indexed ramp up to ± 8.338.607 in relative or absolute mode, speed from 1 to 24.000 Hz in standard resolution and from 1 to 48.000 Hz in high resolution, ramp times from 16 to 1440 msec.
  • Availability of instructions to develop motion programs as, for example: conditional jump, time delay, program block and recovery, I/O management, FOR NEXT loop.
  • Possibility to control the execution of 8 previously stored motion programs through hardware inputs. Accordingly, the drive can be used in stand-alone applications, without serial connection.
  • 8 inputs and 3 outputs, all optically insulated. Among them 1 input and 1 output are freely programmable.
  • Memory of 128 instructions kept also at drive switched-off and three run time instructions.
  • A utility working in Windows® is available in order to ease motion programs development by the user.

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