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RTA - X-PLUS S4.1 - Boxed, Stepping Motor Drive

Stepping motor drive boxed X-PLUS S4.1 STO (SIL3) Function
( 110 - 230 VAC 2.4 - 4.0 Amp ) with Plug in connectors

  • New series bipolar microstep stepping motor drive with power input directly from the main AC supply (110 VAC to 230 VAC), with STO function, specifically developed for applications requiring high performance with reduced acoustic noise and low vibrations.
  • Target: advanced applications requiring high precision, low noise and smoothness of movement.
  • The perfect choice for combining high power and low acoustic noise.
  • STO [SIL3] function.
  • Error Detection Monitor.
  • Full digital microstepping drive.
  • Adaptive microstepping up to 3,200 step/rev.
  • Intelligent management of the current profile that achieves good results in terms of smoothness of movement, low noise and vibration control.
  • A highly sophisticated control system, preserving anyhow the traditional ease of use of R.T.A. drives.
  • Possibility to switch off motor current by means of STO function.
  • Range of operating voltages: 110-230 VAC.
  • Range of current: 2.4-4.0 Amp. Setting up to four possible values by means of dip-switches.
  • Microstepping: 400, 800, 1.600, 3.200 steps /revolution. Setting by means of dip-switches.
  • Automatic current reduction at motor standstill.
  • Protections:
    - Protection against under-voltage and over-voltage.
    - Protection against a short-circuit at motor outputs.
    - Overtemperature protection.
  • Electronic damping facility for further acoustic noise and mechanic vibrations reduction.
  • Available in boxed version with plug-in connectors.
  • Maximum compactness.
  • Optoinsulated inputs to ensure best EM noise immunity.
  • External fans not needed.
  • Coupling with stepping motors rated for high voltage and equivalent or bigger than NEMA 34 is mandatory.
  • Warranty: 24 months.

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