Eltra - EH 17 MH - EH 30 MH - Optical blind-through hollow shaft

This new model represents an extension of the EH 17 - EH 30 series; it is a miniaturized incremental kit encoder (ø 17-30 mm) ideal for the integration on small size AC/DC motors, stepper motors and for applications that require reduced dimensions. The series has been improved with a significant increase of resolution (5.000 ppr), temperature range (-20° ... 85°C) and rotation speed (10.000 rpm), while maintaining the features of easy assembly and no wear.

 External diameter (max)  30 mm
 Shaft diameter (max)  6,35 mm
 Resolution (max)  5.000 ppr
 Output frequency (max)  1 MHz
 Operating temperature (°C)  -20° ... 85°
 Enclosure rating  IP 54

 EH 17 MH - EH 30 MH 

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Eltra - EH 17 MH - EH 30 MH