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Parker - EY Series - Explosion Proof (ATEX Zone 2) Brushless Servo Motor

Available in 70-155mm frame sizes, EY explosion-proof servo motors are suitable for use in explosive atmospheres in Zone 2 and for an ambiant temperature at 40°c or 60°C. Conforms with European (CE) regulation and international safety standards (IECEx)

The EY series is a range of permanent magnet explosion-proof brushless servo motors designed for use in explosive atmospheres in zone 2 for gas and dust at 40°C or 60°C ambient temperature. The EY series of servo motors are characterized by excellent motion quality, dynamic acceleration/deceleration capabilities and high torque output over a wide speed range. Various winding variants and numerous options are available to offer maximum flexibility. This range is in accordance with the European and International safety standards.


  • Brushless servo motors with explosion proof certification from a notified body.
  • Conforming with CE/ATEX and International safety standard
  • For an ambiant temperature at 40°c or 60°C
  • For gas and dust explosive atmospheres
  • High precision
  • High motion quality
  • High dynamic performance
  • Low cogging
  • Compactness and robustness
  • Maintenance free


  • Printing machinery
  • Paint spray equipments
  • Chemical, petro-chemical and pharmaceutical industries
  • Robot applications
  • Special machines
  • Cleaning applications
  • Actuator for valve in Energy applications
  • Waste processing plants…
Technical Specifications:

  - Motor type : Permanent magnets synchronous motors
  - Frame sizes : 70 - 155mm
  - Torque range : 2 to 41 Nm
  - Speed range : to 6800 rpm
  - Number of poles : 10
  - Mounting : Flange with smooth holes
  - Mechanical interface : Solid smooth shaft (standard) / Solid shaft with key (option)
  - Feedback sensors : 2 poles resolver (standard) / sensorless (option)
  - Thermal protection : PTC integrated into the winding
  - Other Options : Parking brake

 European version specific:

  - Voltage supply : 230 / 400 VAC
  - Conformance : ATEX 2014/34/EU Directive - EN60079-0, EN60079-15, EN60079-31 standards
  - Classification : - II 3 GD Ex nA IIC T3 Gc IP65 / Ex tc IIIC T200°C Dc IP65 (Gas and dust)
  - Ingress protection level : IP65 (standard)
  - Connections : connectors
  - Marking : CE / ATEX Ex




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Parker - EY Series - Explosion Proof (ATEX Zone 2) Brushless Servo Motors