Parker - AXEM Series - DC Brushed Servo Motor

AXEM pancake DC servo motors have a disk rotor and offer high dynamic characteristics, exceptional regulation at low speed plus silent and vibration-free operation. Robust, efficient & low maintenance, they offer torques to 19Nm and speeds to 4800 min-1

The AXEM motor, with more than 2 million units produced, is one of the most widespread servo motors in the world. With its disk rotor, composed solely of copper and insulator the Axem motor achieves high dynamics and excellent regulation of motion at low speed, as well as silent and vibration-free functioning. It is robust, efficient, and low maintenance.


  • Factory Automation
  • Life Science Diagnostic
  • Textile Machines
  • Marine

Technical Overview:

  • Motor Technology : disc rotor DC brushed servo motor
  • Frame Sizes : 110mm | 140mm | 160mm | 211mm | 278mm
  • Torque Range : 0.14 ... 19.2 Nm
  • Speed Range : 3000 ... 4800 min-1
  • Voltage Supply : 14 ... 178VDC
  • Number of Poles : NA
  • Protection Level : IP44 | IP20 (for ventilated models)
  • Feedback Sensors : Encoder
  • Marking : No Marking


  • Very low speed modulation
  • Exceptional regulation at low speed
  • High dynamic characteristics low rotor inertia
  • Silent and vibration-free functioning
  • Maintenance free
  • Disk rotor
  • Protection: IP44 / IP20 for ventilated models
  • Class F insulation 


 AXEM Series 


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Parker - AXEM Series