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Parker - SKW Series - Frameless Spindle Servo Motor Kit

SKW-series frameless spindle servo motor kits are designed for integration in the mechanics of multi-spindle applications. They offer constant torque capabilities over a wide speed range, 400VAC windings, power ratings to 21kW and speeds to 12000 min-1

SK motors are compact and highly dynamic permanent magnet synchronous servo motors for spindle applications up to 20 kW. Delivered as separate components to be integrated into the mechanical structure of the machine, SK motors offer constant torque capabilities over a wide speed range.


  • Tooling Machines

Technical Overview:

  • Motor Technology : permanent magnet synchronous motor kit
  • Frame Sizes : 73mm | 82mm | 91mm | 96mm
  • Power Range : 2.0 ... 21 kW (water cooled)
  • Torque Range : 3,5 ... 36 Nm (water cooled)
  • Speed Range : 6000 ... 12000 min-1
  • Voltage Supply : 400-480VAC
  • Number of Poles : 10
  • Cooling : Water Cooled (standard) | Air-Cooled / Natural Convection (on request)
  • Protection Level : IP00
  • Feedback Sensors : Without Sensor
  • Marking : CE


  • Parker SK Series Kit Spindle Motors include
    - a rotor with permanent magnets which can, on request, be mounted on customer's shaft
    - a wound stator which can, on request, be designed with a cooling jacket or integrated into customer's mechanics
  • Kit solution leading to simplified mechanical designs
  • High dynamic performance and power density
    - increased productivity and to reduced size compared to induction motors
  • Cold permanent magnet technology
    - reduced heating in the bearings compared to induction motors, no dilatation effect
  • Increased internal diameter compared to other solutions
    - increased rigidity and greater capacity for bar stock handling in automatic lathes
  • Compatibility with cost effective sensorless drives from Parker


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