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Isel - Flatbed and portal units - FB2

Flatbed units as defined in the machine guidelines as incomplete machines according to the modular system with processing paths of 250 to 1250 mm. Step motors (MS200HT), set for no-play, are used as spindle drives Recirculating ball drives with a repeatability of ± 0.02 mm (positioning reproducibility) are used.

 The linear guides used are the isel double track feeds, proven over many years, with no-play pre-stressed linear ball bearings and recirculating ball spindles with a repeatability of ± 0.02 mm. All units are equipped with two limit switches per spindle. The machining and positioning units are available in a number of versions and are characterised by smooth running and high process speeds.

 The use of high quality aluminium components with flat-milled surfaces achieves low weight and high accuracy. isel X/Y/Z units are the ideal basis for setting up machines and systems for fitting and assembling, ing and engraving, drilling and milling, milling and screwing, shaping and modelling, bonding and casting, soldering and welding, measuring and checking, sawing and cutting, etc..


  • Appropriate Controller (e.g.: iMC-S8)
  • Software modules for operating in CAM, CNC and SPS applications
  • Frame
  • Housing
  • Spindle motors
  • Gap: 300 and 500 mm respectively

 Flat Bed Units

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Isel - Flatbed and portal units - FB2