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Spyraflo - Miniature Ball Bearing

Introducing the industry's first line of mounted miniature ball bearings from Spyraflo

Designed for efficient and cost-effective application in a variety of instruments and mechanisms used in the medical, pharmaceutical, scientific and other precision-oriented fields, these minature mounted ball bearings eliminate any need for designing, manufacturing or assembling precision mounts. Simply screw the pillow blocks in place.

Until now there has been a void in the marketplace for precision mounted miniature ball bearings, with existing mounted ball bearings typically available only in shaft diameters no smaller than one-half inch. The new Spyraflo mounted, miniature ball bearings will meet the increasing demands by design engineers for an economical and precision bearing mounting method for smaller shaft sizes. They relieve engineers of the responsibility of having to design and produce specific mounting configurations for miniature ball bearings.
Major Engineering Advantage
Previously, when considering the use of miniature bearings for an assembly, one of the critical design elements was how, precisely, the bearings could be mounted. Typically, the mount had to be precision machined, particularly when using high-performance miniature bearings. Until now, no mounted bearing option existed when it came to the use of miniature ball bearings, so manufacturing/assembling people were required to produce some form of precision mount. The new Spyraflo bearings eliminate this task effectively and economically. The design criteria of these new mounted, miniature ball bearings mean the assembly process couldn't be simpler: purchase the bearings and screw the pillow blocks in place.

"Our new bearing line offers engineers an opportunity to take advantage of the miniature mounted ball bearings in a wide range of applications and to do it much more cost effectively," says Spyraflo
High Quality Aluminum Pillow Block
The new Spyraflo product consists of high-quality stainless steel ABEC 3 precision Japanese made ball bearings mounted in a precision-machined, sintered aluminum pillow block housing. Initially, they are being offered as non-aligning types, primarily because they are designed for use in more precise applications. These miniature ball bearings will be offered in both inch and metric sizes from 1/8" to 3/8" (4mm to 10mm) shaft diameters, as double shielded bearings that are pre-greased for life. The aluminum body and stainless steel, together with the double shield, give the new bearings a level of corrosion resistance that makes them the ideal choice for food and wash down applications as well.



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Spyraflo - Miniature Ball Bearings