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Parker - TK - TKW Series - Frameless Torque Motor

Frameless Torque Motors
up to 21000 Nm


Delivered as separate rotor and stator to be integrated into the mechanical structure of the machine, TK series torque motors lead to simplified designs, reduced costs, and increased accuracy. TK Series distinguishes from existing solutions by an exceptional robustness, making them particularly adapted to harsh environments. Benefiting from unprecedented know-how in the design and manufacture of torque motors, TK Series can also be delivered as complete sub-assemblies including frame, cooling system, bearings, feedback sensor.


Features and benefits

  • Simplified mechanical designs
  • Reduced sizes and weights
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Increase lifetimes
  • Increased stiffness and accuracy
  • Smooth rotation at low speed
  • High positioning accuracy
  • High dynamic performances
  • Energy savings (suppression of mechanical losses)
Technical Specifications

Shaft-Heights :
200 - 315 - 400 mm

Mounting :
Tapped holes on rotor and stator periphery

Power supply :  
400 VAC three-phased

Nominal Torque :
Up to 21000 Nm

Stator winding's insulation according to CEI 60034-1 :
Class F

Cooling method :
Natural cooling or water cooling

Thermal protection :
PTC and KTY probes fitted into the stator winding

Feedback sensor :
To be chosen taking into account mechanical conditions, accuracy required and drive's specificities : resolver, sin/cos encoder...

Electrical connections :
Flying cables without connectors, 2m length


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Parker - TK - TKW Series