Sumitomo - Fine Cyclo

Zero Backlash Design, Coaxial Precision Cyclo® Reducers

Fine Cyclo® Series
for point to point applications

FC-A: Standard without supported output flange

F1C-A: With output shaft supported by cross roller bearing

F2C-A: With output shaft supported and integrated taper roller bearings

Option: Flange mounting version

F3C-A: With solid shaft and roller bearing

FA Series in 4 to 6 mounting sizes

  • Ratio 29:1 to 179:1 single stage
  • Rated output torque up to 5.140 Nm
  • Acceleration torque up to 7.610 Nm
F2C-C & F2CF-C: Hollow bore (e.g. for cable duct) with input

shaft bearing support, completly sealed

5 mounting sizes

  • Ratios single stage 59:1, 89:1, 119:1
  • Rated output torque 412 to 3.139 Nm
  • Acceleration torque up to 6.278 Nm
  • Hollow bore ø 49 to 96 mm
for smooth traverse applications

F2C-T & F2CF-T: optimized disc profile, integrated taper

roller bearings and high ratios

Option: Flange mounting version

7 mounting sizes

  • Ratios 81:1 to 171:1
  • Rated output torque up to 6.140 Nm
  • Acceleration torque up to 11.000 Nm

Features & Benefits

  • High Shock Load Capacity
  • Compact Size and High Torsional Stiffness
  • Small Hysteresis Loss
  • High Efficiencies and Low Vibration
  • Multiple Configurations for Application Flexibility


  • Machine tool industry
  • robotics
  • automation
  • traverse drives
  • table drives
  • multi axis machining heads
  • indexers
  • component manupulators
  • tool changer

 Fine Cyclo

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Sumitomo - Fine Cyclo