Sumitomo - Neo Hyponic Gearmotors

All-Steel Hypoid Technology: Fractional Geared Hypoid Gearmotors, Optional IP65 Housing


 Ratios: 25 ratios, ranging from 5:1 to 1440:1  
 Torque:  0.30 to 1480 Nm
 Motor:  15 W - 5,5 W
 Power:  15 to 90 Watts
 Speed:  350 to 1.22 rpm
 Electrical:  230 V - 400 V 3-phase; option Single-phase
 Housing:  Aluminium housing with dual-coat epoxy paint, stainless steel bore and bolts, optional IP65
 Mounting:  Flange and Foot
 Output:  Hollow shaft and solid shaft
 Lubrication:  Grease, no maintenance

Product Description

Sumitomo's Neo Hyponic fractional powered gearmotors incorporate a patented design that provides high reduction ratios delivering greater efficiency in all models. The patented Hypoid gear set, built on Sumitomo's legacy of premier gearing designs, are the most reliable, longest-life gearing solutions available in the market. The right angle shaft design of Neo Hyponic makes it space efficient, and allows for a greater variety of mounting configurations. With the optional IP65 dust-proof and waterproof feature, the Hyponic Neo is perfect for demanding applications such as food and beverage processing, packaging, agricultural processing, and chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Features & Benefits

  • Compact, integral hypoid gear design fits into limitless application environments
  • Maintenance-free, grease-lubricated, sealed housing, with no lubricant leakage
  • < 87% Efficiency
  • High performance hypoid gears run cooler and quieter [<2dB(A)] than worm gears or bevel gears
  • Optional IP65 wash-down and dust-proof housing for maximum durability and cleanliness in demanding applications
  • Hollow bore for quick and easy mounting
  • "Hygiene " option for Food Industry


  • Canning, Bottling, Brewing and Sterilizing Machines
  • Meat, Dairy, Baking and Food Processing Equipment
  • Conveyors
  • Food and Pharmaceutical Testing Equipment
  • Medical and Healthcare Apparatus
  • Water and Sewage Treatment Facilities
  • Packaging and Container Filling Machines
  • Machine Tools
  • Measurement Instrumentation

 Neo Hyponic

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