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Wittenstein - SK+/SPK+ - hypoid gearboxes

Space-saving right-angle precision with output shaft

The representatives of our versatile hypoid gearbox with SP compatible output shaft. SPK gearboxes with planetary stage are especially suitable for high-precision applications requiring higher power and torsional rigidity.

Ratio  i  3 - 100  12 - 10000
Number of sizes    5  6

Max. torsional backlash

 jt [arcmin]  Standard ≤ 4  Standard ≤ 4
       Reduced ≤ 2
 Max. acceleration torque
(max. 1000 cycles per hour)
 T2B [Nm]  20 - 768  80 - 5700
 Max. input speed  n1Max [rpm]  6000  6000



 Output type    
 Smooth shaft    
 Smooth shaft, rear side    
 Shaft with key    
 Shaft with key, rear side    
 Splined shaft (DIN 5480)    
 Hollow shaft interface, rear side    
 Mounted shaft  
 Closed cover, rear side    
 Innput type    
 Motor mounted version    
 ATEX a)    
 Food grade lubrication a) b)    
 Corrosion resistant a) b)    
 Shrink disk    
 Sensor flange torqXis    
 Intermediate plate for cooling connection    

a) Power reduction: Technical data available upon request
b) Please contact us


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SK+ hypoid gearhead
SK+ hypoid gearhead with coupling
SPK+ hypoid gearhead
SPK+ hypoid gearhead in corrosion resistant design
Advanced Linear System with hypoid gearhead SPK+