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Wittenstein - CP / CPS Planetary Gearbox

Geared up to Fit

Tailored to applications in the mid-range and economy segment with low to medium requirements for positioning accuracy, the CP and CPS planetary gearboxes do not fail to impress. The key benefits offered by the gearboxes are high flexibility combined with maximum efficiency.


Technical Data


 Ratio  i  3-100
 Number of sizes    5  3
 Max. backlash  jt [arcmin]  Standard
 < 12
 < 12
 Torsional rigidty  Ct21 [Nm/arcmin]  0,52 - 55  1,9 - 16
 Max. torque  T2a [Nm]  17 - 800
 48 - 272
 Max. input speed  n1Max [rpm]  9000  7000
 Max. tilting moment  M2KMax  4 - 704  17 - 98



 Output type
 Shaft with key
 Shaft with key b)     
 Input type
 Motor mounted
 Food grade lubrication a) b)


 CP/CPS Planetary Gearboxes

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CP planetary gearbox with smooth shaft
CPS planetary gearbox with replaceable B5 output flange
CPS planetary gearbox with long centering
CPS planetary gearbox with elastomer coupling ELC