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MPC - SKA Rotary Table - Direct Drive Torque Servo Motor

Direct drive torque servomotors SKA ROTARY TABLE

Directly driven Motor Power Company's rotary tables, provide versatile applications due to their backlash free structure. If necessary a compact servo system with high torque and high accuracy, SKA Rotary Table is the perfect answer for the ideal application. This complete series is provided with or without its perfectly coupling amplifier. Motor Power Company proposes not just components but complete motion solutions, combining direct drive motors with a series of drives with high flexibility and exceptional capabilities in a wide range of applications.


  • Instantaneous peak torque till 2400 Nm
  • A high-speed operation up to 1400 Rpm
  • Maximum motor speed up to 900 Rpm
  • High-precision indexing with over 1,000,000 PPR, after interpulation
  • Absolute accuracy of ± 25 and 11 arc seconds
  • No backlash for a high-precision, high-speed operation with shorter settling time
  • Improved positioning accuracy
  • Uncomplicated and trouble-free usability drives
  • Perfect matching between motor and drives with different network communication
  • Analog encoder for increasing the final resolution
  • Parameters to change: speed control, torque or positioning control

 SKA Rotary Tables 


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MPC - SKA Rotary Table