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Kollmorgen - Housed D & DH Series

Housed D & DH Series DDR Servo Motors

Kollmorgen GOLDLINE® Direct Drive Rotary (DDR) series motors offer a high performance, zero maintenance servo solution. The Kollmorgen GOLDLINE® DDR achieves very high torque density through the combination of large diameter, short length, and a high number of magnetic poles.

This DDR can be used as a flexible indexer, providing programmable, rapid, indexing far exceeding the throughput of conventional mechanical or variable reluctance technology indexers. It can also be used for replacing mechanical transmissions such as gearboxes, timing belts, and rack and pinion reducers.

  • 5.3 to 339 N-m (3.9 to 250 lb-ft) continuous torque accommodates a wide range of application requirements
  • Speeds up to 800 RPM meet most high torque - low speed application requirements
  • Power ratings up to 3240 watts meet high power demands of most applications
  • Rugged multi-speed resolver feedback provides reliable precise operation
  • Optional high resolution Sine Encoder feedback devices provides exceptional accuracy and repeatability below one arcsec
  • Direct load connection eliminates maintenance of gearboxes, belts, or pulleys
  • Zero backlash and compliance provides more responsive system performance
  • Single and Dual bearing design reduces static frictions
  • IP65 and 67 shaft sealing offers resistance to dust and water jets
  • CE compliant, UL recognition for global acceptance
  • Built-in thermostat for over-temperature protection


 D and DH Series

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Kollmorgen - D and DH Series