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Kollmorgen - Cartridge DDR - Direct Drive Rotary Servo Motor

CARTRIDGE DDR™ direct drive rotary servomotors represent a completely new category of direct drive technology that combines the performance advantages of frameless direct drive motors with the ease of installation of a full-frame motor, and at a significantly reduced price point than conventional direct drive technology.

CE marked and UL listed for global application, CARTRIDGE DDR™ motors feature pre-engineered components, an integrated, factory-aligned high resolution feedback device and a unique bearing-less design that facilitates "mount and run" operation in under than 30 minutes - compared to weeks, or even months, of design and integration time common to existing frameless direct drive systems. CARTRIDGE DDR motors also feature an advanced electromagnetic design that provides up to 50% more torque density than comparably sized conventional servomotors.

Conventional servo systems typically include a number of mechanical transmission components that limit the performance and reliability, and drive up costs of operation of these systems. CARTRIDGE DDR motors eliminate all mechanical transmission parts resulting in:


  • 4.5 to 510 N-m (3.3 lb-ft to 376 lb-ft) continuous torque accommodates a wide range of high power application requirements
  • Speeds up to 2500 RPM meets most medium speed and high torque application requirements
  • Power ratings from 775 to 11700 watts meet high power demands of most frameless motor applications
  • The CARTRIDGE DDR motor provides the space-saving and performance advantages of a Frameless DDR motor with the ease of installation of a full-frame motor
  • Integral sine encoder feedback provides resolution of over 2 million counts per revolution
  • Direct load connection eliminates maintenance of gearboxes, belts, or pulleys
  • Low cogging for smooth low-speed rotation
  • Zero backlash and compliance provides more responsive system performance
  • Pre-configured amplifiers and feedback devices for easy system installation and startup
  • CE compliant for global acceptance
  • Built-in thermistor for over-temperature protection


 Cartridge DDR Rotary Direct Drives 

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