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Parker - SM Series - Slotless Stator Brushless Servo Motor

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The SM series of brushless servo motors from Parker features a slotless stator design. This design eliminates all detent torque in the motor allowing the SM Series motors to provide exceptionally smooth motion, especially at low speeds.

  • High-performance Neodymium magnets
  • Available in NEMA16 and 23 frame sizes
  • Continuous Stall Torques : 0.09 Nm to 1.26 Nm (0.8in-lbs to 11.3 in-lbs)
  • Peak Torque Ratings : 0.28 Nm to 3.8 Nm (2.5 in-lbs to 33.8 in-lbs)
  • Rated Speed : 6000 RPM to 7500 RPM
  • Feedback Options : 1000 Line Encoder, 5000 Line Encoder, Resolver
  • Thermostat Protected
  • Slotless design - zero detent torque, zero torque ripple
  • Higher rotor inertia is ideal for applications involving high inertia loads
  • IP Rating : IP40 and IP65
  • CE
  • Best-in-class lead-time, two year warranty
  • Compatible with Parker Compax3 and Aries series servo drives                       


 SM Series 


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Parker - SM Series