Nippon Pulse - PF/PFC series - 2 phase Tin-Can Type Stepper Motor

PF/PFC series : 2 phase tin-can type stepper motors

PF/PFC series tin-can motors range in diameter from 25mm to 55mm and are permanent magnet type stepper motors with superior cost and performance. The PF/PFC series motors are ideal for mass production applications. Available in three step angles (3.75°, 7.5° and 15°), a choice of windings and magnet materials (Ferrite Anisotropic, Ferrite Isotropic, and Neodymium), the PF/PFC series offers the design engineer the ultimate in flexibility to match the application's requirements with the most cost effective motors. A variety of optional flanges, shafts, and gear heads are available to meet the requirements of most applications. Also upon request, accessories such as ball bearings, pinion gears, pulleys or connectors can be added to the motor providing a complete assembly. Applications for PF/PFC series include: medical equipment, printers, fax machines, copiers, analysis machines and industrial equipment.


 Stepper Motors - PF/PFC 


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Nippon - PF/PFC series