Parker - MX80M Miniature Positioner Series

The MX80M stages are offered as free travel or micrometer driven units with 25mm or 50mm travel. They include innovative tooling features to make mounting and precision alignment quicker and easier. A hardened steel master reference surface is provided along the side of the stage to allow fixturing or other tooling elements to be precisely aligned with the actual travel path. Dowel pin holes are provided on the carriage top for repeatable mounting or tooling. Also available are custom features such as a steel body design, vacuum prepped units, and anti cage creep bearings for high dynamic applications up to 150 mm travel.

  • Precision cross roller bearings  
  • Optional clean room prep.
  • Optional Low ESD coating
  • Dowel holes in top & base
  • Interchangable mounting with motorized MX80 models
  • Positive position lock

 Parker MX80M 

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Parker - MX80M Miniature Positioner Series