Parker - 3900 Series - Ball Bearing Guided, Miniature Linear Positioning Stage

Manual Driven, Ball Bearing Guided, Miniature Linear Positioning Stages - 3900 Series

3900-series miniature ball-bearing guided manual linear positioners have an integral drive mechanism and offer travels of up to 0.5", payloads up to 6 lbs, plus exceptional smoothness, extremely low friction and a very good straightness/flatness accuracy

The 3900 Series Stages offer center and side drive models, with and without apertures. With a 1.25 inch square profile, the 3900 series is a smooth traveling, precise positioning device.

  • Center or side drive models
  • Optional lock
  • Single, double, or three axis Configurations

 Daedal Manually Driven Positioning Slides and Stages 


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Parker - 3900 Series