Parker - HTR - HZR: Vertical Actuator

  • Can be combined with HLE and HPLA linear actuators in a modular system
  • resistant aluminium telescope profile.
  • Backlash-free guidance by means of adjustable, plastic rollers mounted on roller bearings.
  • Maintenance-free, low-noise rollers
  • Non-wearing and non-slip toothed belt drive.
  • Simple, non-critical installation and start up.
  • HTR:  Long stroke (maximum 2500mm) with minimum overall height.
  • HTR:  High working load up to 50kg.
  • HTR:  Withstands high side loads and moments-even when extended - by means of the closed and torsion-HZR: Withstands large side forces by means of a deflection-resistant aluminium profile, carried in a closed, generously-dimensioned cast housing.
  • HZR: High vertical forces up to 1500 N can be accommodated.


 Parker HTR/HTZ

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Parker - HTR / HZR: vertical actuators