Nippon Pulse - NPMC and PPCI Series - Board-level Motion Controller

NPMC and PPCI Series - Board-level Motion Controllers

NPMC series board level motion controllers are multi-axes stepper motor controllers. The boards are available in 2 or 4-axes ISA bus and PC/104 bus format. General features are high pulse rate capability for microstepping (4.9Mpps with the NPMC5023 series and 6.5Mpps with the NPMC6045A board), S-curve ramp-up and down, encoder feed back inputs, and linear interpolation. The NPMC series is powerful and makes it easy to program your own motion profiles (the software uses Microsoft Windows·? to provide quick setup and testing, and is included along with a C programming library). The major applications for the NPMC Series Boards are semi-conductor manufacturing and inspection equipment, robots, analyzers and medical instruments.
The PPCI7443 is an advanced PCI-bus, 4-axes motion control card that allows control of stepper motors or servomotors. The PPCI7443 incorporates a PCL6045 motion control chip as part of its compact design, and it comes with user-friendly software that incorporates MS-DOS, C/C programming library; Windows® 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP DLL; and a test monitor. The software allows for easy set-up and supports up to a maximum of twelve PPCI7443 cards, allowing for operation of up to forty-eight axes.


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Nippon Pulse - NPMC and PPCI Series