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Isel - LEZ 1G - Linear Unit with Belt Drive

Closed Timing Belt Feed Axis
  • Aluminium profile with midget linear guide LFS-8-1
  • Clearance-free feed with timing belt feed axis - timing belt with 3 mm pitch, width 15 mm
  • Feed 2.4 m/s, at the most
  • Shaft slide WS 1 L 126 x W 72 mm
  • Repetitive accuracy less or equal ± 0.2 mm
  • Limit and/or reference switch Accuracy < 0.1 mm
  • Available in lengths up to 2.05 m
  • Motor can be mounted on both sides due to an extended shaft end on the driving side
  • Numerous combination possibilities due to additional special and angle profiles
  • Integrated reference switch


  • Feeds and Shaft Slides are also available in Rust-Proof Designs


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Isel - LEZ 1G