Eltra - EMA 55 A-AY - Magnetic Singleturn

EMA 55 A / AY

EMA 55 (ø 55 mm) is a contact-less magnetic absolute encoder series featuring high operation speed (10.000 rpm), employed in harsh environments such as electric motors marine industry, iron and steel industry, textile machines, wood, paper, glass, marble working machinery and, more generally, automation and process control fields. Analogue and SSI ouputs are available, as well as anodized aluminium body material.


 External diameter (max)  55 mm
 Shaft diameter (max)  10 mm
 Resolution (max)  13 bit
 Output frequency (max)  100 kHz ... 1 MHz
 Operating temperature (°C) -25° ... 100°
 Enclosure rating  IP 67


 Eltra - EMA55 A / AY 


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