Kollmorgen - P7000 Series - Microstepping Drive

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The P7000 drives offer unsurpassed system smoothness, functionality, performance and innovation. Available for AC(P70360) or DC(P70530) operation, these microstepping drives are designed to power 2-phase NEMA stepper motors. They offer unique features that are ideal for single or multi-axis applications requiring high-speed performance or low-speed smoothness.

  • Ideal solution for single or multi-axis applications that require high-speed performance or low speed smoothness
  • 9 programmable inputs, available indexing model and easy-to-use graphical interface simplify configuration for complex machine requirements
  • Integral stall detection eliminates the need for expensive external sensors or feedback, reducing system cost by up to 30%
  • Multistepping™ feature inserts fine micro-steps to smooth coarse low speed motion without having to redesign machine control architecture
  • Mid-band anti-resonance control reduces negative effects of mechanical resonance, allowing you to get more out of a smaller motor and virtually eliminating nuisance stalls and machine downtime
  • Dynamic smoothing quasi-S-curve algorithm reduces jerk, especially upon acceleration, increasing mechanical life and reducing energy consumption


 P7000 Series 

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Kollmorgen - P7000 Series